Pipe Conveyors

Environmentally friendly enclosed pipe conveyors are used in applications for conveying commodities  such as coal, cement, sulphur, diamond concentrate and heavy minerals.

Why Pipe Conveyors?

The pipe conveyors’ ability to negotiate horizontal and vertical curves makes it ideal for navigating difficult routes, while the enclosed conveying of product makes it highly environmentally-friendly. As the tubular form of the belt encloses the material, spillage of product is eliminated along the conveying route, eliminating pollution, while also protecting the product from the elements. Transfer points may also be minimised or eliminated by curving the conveyor.

The pipe conveyor can be erected on ground level or elevated in gantries. DemcoTECH Engineering offers a variety of gantries, including a triangular gantry with travelling maintenance trolley.

Pipe Conveyor Test Rig

DemcoTECH Engineering’s pipe conveyor belt test rig enables the actual pipe conveyor belting to be custom-designed and tested for the specific application in terms of the tensioning and profiling of the conveyor pipe. The actual tension the pipe conveyor belting will experience under actual operating conditions is applied using hydraulics during the testing , providing important design data on the actual belt behaviour and pipe profile under actual conditions.

This test rig facility is available to potential clients to assist in making the correct selection of conveyor belting.