Hydrogen Technology

DemcoTECH Engineering has partnered with Hydrox Holdings (Pty) Ltd in the research and development of a new concept of hydrogen generator, which aims to produce hydrogen gas more efficiently and at lower cost than traditional methods. Hydrogen gas has a significant role to play in the world’s ‘green’ energy sector.

Membraneless Technology

The partnership’s success with the unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) solution has received worldwide acclaim for the membraneless technology. In addition, the advanced alkaline electrolyser (AAE) technology has been proven in trials and is now on the brink of commercialization. Read more …

Why Hydrogen?

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is a challenge we all have to face. The solution points toward energy production from renewables but batteries alone cannot service the energy storage demands for global conversion to renewables.

Hydrogen has the potential for high capacity, flexible, on demand energy storage. However, while the current industrial means of hydrogen production is cost effective, centralised production, and hence, costly transportation and storage thereof, inhibits market penetration.

Hydrox is continually experimenting with alkaline water electrolysers to generate new methods of cost effective decentralised electrolytic hydrogen production helping to unlock it as a fuel of the future.  Find out more on the Hydrox website