Port Handling Industry

DemcoTECH Engineering offers port and marine handling solutions for the mining, metallurgical,  industrial and power sectors. with a comprehensive range of equipment and technologies ranging from conveyors through to moving head systems, tripper systems, stackers and reclaimers, sampling plants, storage facilities, loading stations and bulk storage silos.  DemcoTECH  is one of the few bulk materials handling specialists also able to provide a full suite of operational readiness services.

Sulphur Handling System for Petronas RAPID Project

Commodity: Sulphur; Contract Type: EPC

DemcoTECH Engineering delivered a complex sulphur handling system for the refinery and petrochemical integrated development (RAPID) project in southern Johor. The materials handling system offloads sulphur prills from tip trucks, stacks them onto a 30 000 tonne capacity stockyard and then reclaims and exports the sulphur, via a series of conveyors into 15 000 DWT vessels. DemcoTECH designed environmentally friendly features into the sulphur handing system, including a pipe conveyor system. Read more …

Vale Regional Iron Ore Distribution Centre

Commodity: Iron Ore, pellets; Contract Type: Client’s Engineer; Design, Engineering, Site Supervision.

DemcoTECH Engineering provided FEL 1,2, 3 & 4 engineering and support services for the Teluk Rubiah maritime terminal project in Malaysia. DemcoTECH provided the conceptual design of the terminal and initial plant layouts, the design and basic engineering for the materials handling, specified the mechanical equipment and adjudicated the suppliers technically. DemcoTECH provided operational readiness services including operational and maintenance modules, training of Vale’s personnel, plant commissioning and testing.  Read more …

Grindrod Terminals – Mobile Ship Offloading and Warehouse Distribution

Commodity:  Fertiliser;  Contract Type  EPCM

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied a mobile ship offloading and warehouse distribution system for Grindrod Terminal’s  fertiliser storage facility in Durban, South Africa. The system comprises four mobile tyre-mounted conveyors on the jetty at locations to suit ship docking requirements. Once the ships have been offloaded, the conveyors convey the fertiliser to a pivoting and retractable boom conveyor. Read more …

Iron Ore Sampling Plant & Upgrade for Kumba Resources

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Turnkey

DemcoTECH Engineering completed an upgrade to Kumba Resources iron ore sampling plant at the Saldanha iron ore terminal in South Africa, converting it from a mass to a time based system, which reduces bias in the selection of material sizes for sampling purposes. The upgrade was completed as a turnkey project, and covered the installation of new conveyors to feed the sampling plant, the addition of load cells into the weigh hopper for more accurate readings and the introduction of a two way splitter. Read more …

Port of Ploce Import Terminal

Commodity: Coal, Iron Ore; Contract Type: Detailed Engineering

DemcoTECH Engineering carried out detailed engineering of the stockyard bulk materials handling at an import terminal project at the Port of Ploce in Croatia. The multi-product terminal handles mainly coal, but also iron ore. The scope included the entire materials handling system from the grab ship-unloaders, the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer and stockpile storage system and rail mounted mobile loading hopper to the rapid rail load-out system. A standby stockpile facility was also designed, utilizing mobile plant feeding into mobile hoppers.

Vale Oman Industrial Complex, Stockyard Extension Study

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Concept Study

DemcoTECH Engineering carried out a FEL2 concept study for the stockyard extension (Phase IIA) of the Vale Oman Industrial Complex. The design aimed at providing maximum flexibility throughout the facility so that a variety of products can be imported, blended, processed and exported. The study provided an estimate for material quantities for installation of 27 new conveyors,  extension of two of the existing conveyors and interfacing with the existing plant. Read more …

Port of Bintulu Study

Commodity: Manganese; Contract Type: Study

project awarded at the end of 2022 from the Bintulu Port Authority in Sarawek, Borneo assessed the entire ship loading and offloading materials handing system to recommend measures for returning the facility back to its nameplate capacity. The assessment covered the luffing crane ship offloader, conveyors, stackers and associated equipment and comprised investigation of the mechanicals and electricals, as well as of the operating procedures in place. The recommendations included upgrading the offloading luffing crane and redesigning some of the chutes, which DemcoTECH carried out using its advanced discrete element modelling (DEM) capabilities. DemcoTECH also simulated the port operation to identify bottlenecks in the materials handling.