Bulk Materials Handling

Demcotech Engineering specialises in the design and supply of state-of-the-art systems and technologies for bulk materials handling.
In addition to having access to the latest technologies and design expertise, DemcoTECH Engineering utilises advanced testing, flow modelling and system simulation tools to ensure that we deliver a solution tailored to our client’s specific requirements.


Overland and in-plant conveyors including troughed conveyors, air-supported conveyors (aero conveyors), pipe conveyors, pivot boom conveyors, pocket conveyors and mobile conveyors. We can supply pipe conveyors fitted with mobile maintenance trolleys.

We apply our advanced expertise in static and dynamic analysis to the design of our conveyors. Our long overland conveyors are designed using our in-house developed design packages based upon ISO and CEMA standards. Applying dynamic analysis to these longer conveyors allows for optimum design of the conveyor belts and drives for the different load conditions along the conveyor route.

DemcoTECH Engineering has a relationship with Dos Santos International in the USA through which we supply the DSI Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor. A Sandwich Belt conveyor uses two conveyor belts, face-to-face, to contain the product being carried, making steep incline and vertical-lift runs easily achievable. The conveyors are available in profiles of C and S-Shape, with a long bottom belt approach being possible to the sandwich entrance, and discharge n the high incline or after the extension of the carrying belt beyond the mouth of the sandwich. Read more …

Moving Head & Tripper Systems, Belt Feeders

Our moving head systems or trippers adjust feeding positions or  feed different conveyors. We provide both Fixed Belt Trippers and Travelling Belt Trippers.

Our belt feeders are capable of handling nearly any material, introducing material, which is either stockpiled or loaded in a bin or hopper, into the system at a controlled feed rate.

Stacking & Reclaiming

  • Slewing and Luffing Stackers and Rail-mounted Stackers.
  • Reclaim Systems : Vibratory Feeders and Scraper Reclaimers.

DemcoTECH  Engineering uses a number of tools, including simulation modelling, animations to visualize the stockyard in real life conditions, finite element analysis and material flow analysis.

Multi-Stream Sampling Plants

DemcoTECH Engineering has designed sampling plants comprising five simultaneous sample processing streams. Our sampling technology comprises primary, secondary and tertiary sample processing, including robotic automated processing and analysis systems designed and tested to meet ISO standards. 3D sampling plants are installed in a variety of applications and products at mainstream conveying rates up to 14 000 tph.

Storage Facilities & Bulk Material Silos

DemcoTECH Engineering designs the storage of bulk materials as part of an overall system that includes the conveying into and removal of the raw material, as well as ancillary equipment such as dust suppression and control. This ranges from trippers, through pan, screw and belt conveyors to airslides and feeders, supported by advanced testing and modelling/simulation tools to design efficient, fit-for-purpose handling systems.

Automated Truck & Train Loading Systems

DemcoTECH Engineering provides rapid train loading systems designed specifically to suit of customers individual requirements to maximise the amount of material that can be loaded into each wagon.

Our automated truck loading systems load bulk material into a tanker truck, or conditioned bulk powdered or granular material into an open-top dump truck.

Mobile Machines

  • Rail-mounted mobile spreaders for tailings dumps and longitudinal stacking.
  • Wheel-mounted mobile spreaders for kidney-shaped stockpiles, barge loading and emergency booms.
  • Rail-mounted mobile hoppers for stockpile reclaiming and front-end loader operations.
  • Grass-hopper conveyors for jetty applications, stockpiling and temporary conveying.
  • Shuttle and tripper stacking conveyors over surge bins, stockyard conveyors, warehouse stockpiles, etc.


DemcoTECH Engineering provides shiploaders for a variety of applications, specifically designed to our client’s unique requirements and site conditions and to minimise environmental impact. Rail-mounted or fixed ship loaders can be equipped with different loading chutes.

Design Tools

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)

DEM, used to simulate the flow of bulk materials through, for example, transfer chutes, hoppers, rail and road loadout facilities, is a standard tool used by DemcoTECH Engineering during our design process to optimise the equipment design, minimise degradation and to prolong the life of the platework. Material characteristics and properties are employed to assess the effects which changing operating conditions will have on the performance of the chutework and the system. We have also used DEM to design transfer chutes where both coal and iron ore are conveyed.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

DemcoTECH Engineering has completed FEA on the structures of bucket wheel stacker reclaimers, ship loaders, trippers, and loading hoppers. This auditing capability enables our design team to identify and address potential structural defects during the design phase of the project. Our clients benefit from our ability to resolve overstressed structural members on machines, improving operational life and enhancing safety. All analysis is performed to the clients’ specification and international codes of practice. Based on these FEAs, inspection schedules can be compiled to monitor areas of structural stress over the life of the machine.