Iron Ore

DemcoTECH Engineering designs and supplies materials handling systems and niche process plants  for the iron ore mining and metallurgical industry. All types of conventional, overland and pipe conveyor systems are supplied to move ore and tailings, while stacking and reclaiming systems are available for the efficient, effective and economic reclaiming of bulk materials.

Vale Regional Iron Ore Distribution Centre

Commodity: Iron Ore, Pellets; Contract Type: Client’s Engineer; Design, Engineering, Site Supervision.

DemcoTECH Engineering provided FEL 1,2, 3 & 4 engineering and support services for establishment of the Teluk Rubiah maritime terminal in Malaysia. DemcoTECH provided conceptual design of the terminal, initial plant layouts, design and basic engineering for the project materials handling portion, specified the mechanical equipment and adjudicated suppliers technically. DemcoTECH also produced a full suite of operational and maintenance manuals and procedures. Read more …

Iron Ore Sampling Plant & Upgrade for Kumba Resources

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Turnkey

DemcoTECH Engineering completed an upgrade to Kumba Resources iron ore sampling plant at the Saldanha iron ore terminal, converting it from a mass to a time based system, which reduces bias in the selection of material sizes for sampling purposes. The upgrade covered the installation of new conveyors to feed the sampling plant, the addition of load cells into the weigh hopper for more accurate readings and the introduction of a two way splitter. DemcoTECH had been responsible for the primary and secondary cutter facility to supply the automated robotic facility in 2009/2010. Read more …

Tripper Conveyor for Sishen DRS Optimisation Project

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Turnkey, including installing tripper during plant shutdown

The DRS Optimisation Project had the objective of assisting in achieving an annual production of 12 Mtpa from Kumba Resources’ Sishen Iron Ore Mine by optimising the performance of the DR/DRS downstream handling facilities. The project covered project initiation through to handover of the 4,250 tph redesigned tripper car, which operates at a speed of 0.25 m/s, feeding a 2.25 m/s conveyor. DemcoTECH also provided a new belt for the system, with both the tripper car and belt installed during a seven-day shutdown. Read more …

Vale Oman Industrial Complex, Stockyard Extension Study

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Concept Study

DemcoTECH Engineering carried out a FEL2 concept study for the stockyard extension (Phase IIA) of the Vale Oman Industrial Complex. The design aimed at providing maximum flexibility throughout the facility so that a variety of products can be imported, blended, processed and exported. The study provided an estimate for material quantities for installation of 27 new conveyors, extension of two of the existing conveyors and interfacing with the existing plant. Read more …

Pointe Noire Iron Ore Export Facility

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Concept Study

DemcoTECH Engineering undertook a concept study for Equatorial Resources Limited to examine different methods to export iron ore from Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo, with minimal disruption to the seaport export terminal and maximum throughput. With the iron ore to be transported from inland from Equatorial Resources’ two major iron ore projects via rail trucks, DemcoTECH investigated the optimum layout of the materials handling at the port. The study also covered the development of an export jetty and berths. Read more …

Port of Ploce Import Terminal

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Erection & Commissioning

DemcoTECH was contracted by Assmang Limited for the design through to commissioning of the multi-stream sampling plant for its Khumani Iron Ore Mine. The plant features three sample processing streams, multiple load-cell mounted weigh hoppers, two driers and multiple sample splitters. Other features include deck screens (two off) and vibrating feeders (two off), an automated process crane, conveyors and storage bin. The process building is a 80 metre x 25 metre x 30 metre high structure.

 Khumani Multi-Stream Sampling Plant

Commodity: Coal, Iron Ore; Contract Type: Detailed Engineering

DemcoTECH Engineering carried out detailed engineering of the bulk materials handling on the stockyard at an import terminal project at the Port of Ploce in Croatia. The multi-product terminal offloads and handles mainly coal, but also iron ore. The scope included the entire materials handling, from the ship-unloaders to the rapid rail load-out system. The different material properties of coal and iron ore had design implications for the system. A standby stockpile facility was also designed, utilizing mobile plant feeding mobile hoppers.

Shuttle Conveyor for Kumba Iron Ore Mine

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Supply & Install

DemcoTECH Engineering fabricated a shuttle conveyor for Kumba Iron Ore Mine, Kathu, based upon a design provided by the client. The shuttle conveyor was fully assembled in the fabrication shop and then transported to site in 4 large sections. The previous shuttle conveyor had to be disassembled and the new one installed and commissioned at a height of about 28 m during a 7 day plant outage. The removal of the existing shuttle conveyor was successfully completed within the client’s targeted 7-day shutdown. This required work to be carried out 24/7, an activity made even more challenging by the fact that the shuttle conveyor was mounted on special rails at a height of 24 m.