DemcoTECH Engineering designs and supplies materials handling and storage  systems  for the fertiliser industry. All types of conventional, overland and pipe conveyor systems are supplied to move the product, while stacking and reclaiming systems are available for the efficient, effective and economic reclaiming of bulk materials.

Grindrod Terminals – Mobile Ship Offloading and Warehouse Distribution

Commodity:  Fertiliser;  Contract Type  EPCM

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied a mobile ship offloading and warehouse distribution system for Grindrod Terminal’s existing fertiliser storage facility at Maydon Wharf 13 in Durban, South Africa. The system comprises four mobile tyre-mounted conveyors positioned on the jetty at locations to suit ship docking requirements.  Once the ships have been offloaded, the conveyors convey the fertiliser to a central pivoting and retractable boom conveyor, which straddles the quayside. Read more …

Steinweg Bridge Fertiliser Storage & Distribution Facility Upgrade

Commodity: Fertiliser; Contract Type: Design Review & Recommendations

DemcoTECH Engineering’s modifications and upgrade to Steinweg Bridge’s storage and distribution facility in Durban, South Africa, comprised a full design review and plant assessment study. Based upon these recommendations, DemcoTECH completed the supervision and implementation of these upgrades . The facility comprises a warehouse, truck offloading system and conveyors stacking fertiliser onto a covered stockpile using an elevated tripper. The upgrade included new ceramic-lined pulleys, reclaim gates and chutes, spillage improvements and crusher refurbishment. In addition, due to the corrosiveness of the fertiliser, a complete corrosion protection refurbishment was also included.