South Africa – Projects

Grindrod Terminals – Mobile Ship Offloading and Warehouse Distribution

Commodity:  Fertiliser;  Contract Type  EPCM

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied a mobile ship offloading and warehouse distribution system for Grindrod Terminal’s  fertiliser storage facility at Maydon Wharf 13 in Durban, South Africa. The system comprises four mobile tyre-mounted conveyors positioned on the jetty at locations to suit ship docking requirements.  Once the ships have been offloaded, the conveyors convey the fertiliser to a central pivoting and retractable boom conveyor, straddling the quayside. Read more …

Grindrod Richards Bay Multiple Product Terminal

Commodity: Coal, Phosphate Rock and other; Contract Type: EPCM

Appointed by Grindrod as an EPCM contractor, DemcoTECH Engineering was responsible for the materials handling portion (excluding the civils and earthworks) of the expansion to Grindrod’s multi product terminal at Richards Bay in South Africa. The scope of the contract covered providing the materials handling to convey various materials, but mainly rock phosphate and coal, from the three Richards Bay terminal sites: Navitrade, Kusasa and Valley. Read more …

Iron Ore Sampling Plant & Upgrade for Kumba Resources

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Turnkey

DemcoTECH Engineering completed an upgrade to Kumba Resources iron ore sampling plant at the Saldanha iron ore terminal, converting it from a mass to a time based system, which reduces bias in the selection of material sizes for sampling purposes. The upgrade covered the installation of new conveyors to feed the sampling plant, the addition of load cells into the weigh hopper for more accurate readings and the introduction of a two way splitter. Read more …

Expansion to Assmang’s Cato Ridge Alloys Plant

Commodity: Manganese Ore; Contract Type: Turnkey

DemcoTECH Engineering was contracted, with Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers, for the expansion to the manganese export facility at Assmang Limited’s Cato Ridge Alloys plant in KwaZulu Natal. The expansion consisted of upgrading two existing rail tipplers, installing a series of troughed conveyors with transfer houses, from the tipplers to a new 80,000 ton stockpile, an elevated travelling tripper, tunnel reclaim equipment and a road load-out facility.  Read more …

Materials Handling System for Idwala Carbonates Mill

Commodity: Limestone; Contract Type: Design, Engineering and Supply, Erection and Commissioning

DemcoTECH delivered a feed and discharge materials handling system for the Loesche Mill Plant at Idwala Carbonates in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. As a brownfields project, it presented a number of difficulties associated with designing and erecting the systems around the existing plant without interrupting plant operations. In particular, integrating the new plant with the existing plant resulted in challenging design and plant interface issues. Read more …

40 t Clinker Silo for NPC Cimpor’s Simuma Plant

Commodity: Clinker; Contract Type: Lumpsum Turnkey

DemcoTECH, working in joint venture, established a 50,000 t clinker silo feed and discharge system at NPC Cimpor’s Simuma Plant in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Designed to handle hot clinker up to 100 ºC, the silo features a clinker system that can be diverted to service the existing or new silo. The project covered a silo feed Aumund pan conveyor and two DemcoTECH-designed reclaim belt conveyors, to feed either the existing plant or rail loading system. Read more …

Tripper Conveyor for Sishen DRS Optimisation Project

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type:  Turnkey, including installing tripper during plant shutdown

The DRS Optimisation Project had the objective of assisting in achieving an annual production of 12 Mtpa from Kumba Resources’ Sishen Iron Ore Mine by optimising the performance of the DR/DRS downstream handling facilities. The project covered project initiation through to handover of the 4,250 tph redesigned tripper car, which operates at a speed of 0.25 m/s, feeding a 2.25 m/s conveyor. DemcoTECH also provided a new belt for the system. Read more …

Belt Filter & Cooling System for Tronox Namakwa Sands

Commodity: Ilmenite (FeTiO3); Contract Type: Detailed Design followed by LSTK Project Execution

A project to provide a belt filter and cooling system for the processing facility at the Tronox Namakwa Sands heavy minerals mine near Brand-se-Baai in South Africa, was carried out in two phases: the detailed design comprised a six month contract, followed by the award of a fast track lump sum turnkey (LSTK) execution contract. The cooling system was installed to increase the separation efficiency of the WHIMS, as magnetic separation is highly temperature sensitive. Read more …

Boiler Fly Ash Silo for Simuma, NPC-Intercement

Commodity: Fly Ash; Contract Type: Design, Supply, Erect & Commission

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied a fly ash silo incorporating an ash feed and discharge system for NPC in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The new 1,000 t silo has a variable extraction rate of  – 20 tph. The silo reclaim conveyor is automatically operated and feeds onto the existing conveyor system. The automatic pre-selected feed system consists of a surge bin with a variable speed rotary proportioning valve. A dust extraction filter system is also included. Read more …

Multi-stream Iron Ore Sampling Plant for Khumani Iron Ore Mine, Assmang

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Erection & Commissioning

DemcoTECH was contracted by Assmang Limited for the design through to commissioning of the multi-stream sampling plant for Khumani Iron Ore Mine. The plant features 3 sample processing streams,  multiple load-cell mounted weigh hoppers, 2 driers and multiple sample splitters. Other features include deck screens (2 off) and vibrating feeders (2 off), an automated process crane, conveyors and storage bin. The process building is a 80 m  x 25 m  x 30 m high structure.

Shuttle Conveyor for Kumba Iron Ore Mine

Commodity: Iron Ore; Contract Type: Supply & Install

DemcoTECH Engineering fabricated a shuttle conveyor for Kumba Iron Ore Mine, Kathu, based upon a design provided by the client. The shuttle conveyor was fully assembled in the fabrication shop and then transported to site in 4 large sections.  The previous shuttle conveyor had to be disassembled and the new one installed and commissioned at a height of about 28 m during a 7 day plant outage. The removal of the existing shuttle conveyor was successfully completed within the client’s targeted 7-day shutdown. This required work to be carried out 24/7, an activity made even more challenging by the fact that the shuttle conveyor was mounted on special rails at a height of 24 m.

Fertiliser Storage & Distribution Facility Upgrade – Steinweg Bridge

Commodity: Fertiliser; Contract Type: Design Review & Recommendations

DemcoTECH Engineering’s modifications and upgrade to Steinweg Bridge’s storage and distribution facility in Durban, South Africa, comprised a full design review and plant assessment study. Based upon these recommendations, DemcoTECH completed the supervision and implementation of these upgrades . The facility comprises a warehouse, truck offloading system and conveyors stacking fertiliser onto a covered stockpile using an elevated tripper. The upgrade included new ceramic-lined pulleys, reclaim gates and chutes, spillage improvements and crusher refurbishment. In addition, due to the corrosiveness of the fertiliser, a complete corrosion protection refurbishment was also included.

Sinter plant – Cato Ridge, Alloys, Brix

Commodity: Manganese; Contract Type: Design, Engineering, Erection Supervision & Optimisation

DemcoTECH Engineering performed the full design, engineering, procurement of mechanical components, erection and commissioning supervision and optimisation for a sinter plant for Cato Ridge Alloys in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The plant is self-standing and installed to enhance the overall existing process and profitability of the operation, which processes manganese.

Limestone Washing, Sorting & Materials Handling Plant, Idwala Carbonates

Commodity: Limestone; Contract Type: Turnkey

DemcoTECH, in joint venture with Kantey & Templar, carried out the design and engineering of the plant for Idwala Carbonates in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa as a turnkey project. The project is now in the execution stage with the joint venture responsible for contractor managing appointments, supervision of erection and commissioning and optimisation of the plant. The washing technology was imported from Germany, while, for sorting, a RED Wave sorter, has been used. The new plant is required to be integrated into the existing plant. Read more …

South Africa – Studies

Fly/Coarse Ash & Ash Water Return Systems for Eskom

Commodity: Ash; Contract Type: Design Studies

DemcoTECH Engineering undertook detailed concept studies and audits for the Matla and Tutuka power station fly ash, coarse ash and ash water return systems for South Africa’s national power utility, Eskom. The studies included the expansion to Eskom’s ash dump at the Tutuka Power Station in Mpumalanga, to cater for a planned additional 25 year life extension of the power station. A dry ashing system was included. Read more …

ESKOM, Majuba Power Station Coal Supply Facility Upgrade

Commodity: Coal; Contract Type: Concept Feasibility Study

DemcoTECH Engineering investigated the coal delivery facility at the Majuba power station with a view to upgrading the throughput and system reliability. DemcoTECH developed various conceptual designs and prepared a simulation model for the rail delivery, tippler and power station feed system in order to predict the required equipment capacity and the rail infrastructure modifications necessary to deliver 14 Mtpa of  coal reliably by rail. Read more …

Limestone Handling & Processing Study for NPC-CIMPOR

Commodity: Cement; Contract Type: Concept Study

DemcoTECH Engineering completed a concept study for NPC-CIMPOR’s new limestone handling and processing project at its Durban works in South Africa.  The concept study provided a completely integrated plant, capable of achieving the plant’s operational requirements to store 10,000 tons of additional clinker, as well as storing and reclaiming limestone and pressed clinker in the existing silos. Read more …