Cement, Clinker & Fly Ash

DemcoTECH offers the full suite of services and technologies for the safe and environmentally friendly storage and transportation of cement, clinker and fly ash. This includes specialised conveying systems, such as troughed AeroConveyors™, pipe conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems, which provide a totally enclosed conveying environment. Design and construction of cement and clinker silos typically includes airslides, flow-control gates, mobile road outloaders, fully-enclosed cement transport/conveying systems, and dust filters, which provide effective removal of dust from all the areas of dust generation.

40 t Clinker Silo for NPC Cimpor’s Simuma Plant

Commodity: Clinker; Contract Type: Lumpsum Turnkey

DemcoTECH, working in joint venture with Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers, established a new 50,000 t clinker silo feed and discharge system at NPC Cimpor’s Simuma Plant in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Designed to handle hot clinker up to 100 ºC, the silo features a clinker system that can be diverted to service either the existing or the new silo. The project covered the installation of a silo feed Aumund pan conveyor and two DemcoTECH-designed reclaim belt conveyors. Read more …

Boiler Fly Ash Silo for Simuma, NPC-Intercement

Commodity: Fly Ash; Contract Type: Design, Supply, Erect & Commission

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied fly ash silo incorporating an ash feed and discharge system for NPC in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The new 1,000 t silo, with a variable extraction rate of  – 20 tph, is a fully enclosed welded steel structure. The silo reclaim conveyor is automatically operated and feeds onto the existing conveyor system. The automatic pre-selected feed system consists of a surge bin with a variable speed rotary proportioning valve. A dust extraction filter system is also included. Read more …

NOVA Cimangola Pneumatic Transport System

Commodity: Cement; Contract Type: Design to Commission

DemcoTECH Engineering supplied, in conjunction with Claudius Peters, a 150 tph pneumatic transport system to convey cement from the kiln to multiple storage silos at Nova Cimangola’s new milling plant in Luanda. The system has a conveying distance of 300 m and had to be designed to follow a tortuous route to fit into the existing plant and include a number of discharge points into the multiple silos. DemcoTECH also provided four travelling maintenance trolleys for the pipe conveyor. Read more …

Two-Way Troughed Conveyor for Thalofa Cement

Commodity: Cement, Clinker, Coal; Contract Type: Design & Engineer

DemcoTECH  Engineering supplied a 4.4 km-long two-way troughed conveyor for Thalofa Cement’s new plant in Vietnam. The troughed overland conveyor imports coal and clinker at 900 tph and exports powder cement in bulk or 50 kg bags at 300 tph. With two loading points and two discharge points, the belt travel direction is always one-way, with the top and bottom strand of the conveyor transporting product. Read more …

Fly/Coarse Ash & Ash Water Return Systems for Eskom

Commodity: Ash; Contract Type: Design Studies

DemcoTECH Engineering undertook detailed concept studies and audits for the Matla and Tutuka power station fly ash, coarse ash and ash water return systems for South Africa’s national power utility, Eskom. The studies included the expansion to Eskom’s ash dump at the Tutuka Power Station in Mpumalanga, to cater for a planned additional 25 year life extension of the power station. A dry ashing system was included. Read more …